Analytical Hypnotherapy (Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Utilising Hypnosis) is used to discover and remove the originating cause of the problem/symptom/anxiety. (Both Analytical and Clinical (suggestion) therapies can of course be combined during treatment.)

This is based on the doctrine of ’cause and effect’; every effect (the symptom) must have a cause. Hypno-Analysis will find and release the cause of the problem – and hence the symptoms disappear. Emotional problems respond particularly well to Hypno-Analysis. The object of analysis is to bring you to a ‘moment of surprising and liberating enlightenment’, and one can be fairly confident of a release within ten sessions of therapy. With analytical therapy, we are talking about a complete and lasting release, by finding and removing the originating causes – as opposed to mere control of symptoms by; dieting, anti-depressants, herbal remedies, smoking, drinking etc.

There is no reason why anyone should put up with something ‘inside themselves but outside their control’, provided they can devote time, money, effort and self-discipline to be free or their problem. The use of hypnosis dramatically ‘speeds up’ analytical therapy, and will achieve similar results in just a few weeks to those expected from a more conventional three or four year course of therapy.

Hypno-Analysis is usually completed in about 8 to 12 weekly sessions. The sessions take (on average) about 50 minutes each. Although in hypnosis you are in fact ‘wide awake’, you are also very relaxed, so people generally find it easier to talk about emotive issues.

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